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Be Aware of Potential EBT Scams

Beware of Fake Smart Phone AppsLogo

  • The State of California does not offer a smart-phone application (app) for EBT. If you want information about your EBT benefits, please visit the California EBT Client Website at or call the toll-free California EBT Customer Service helpline at  (877) 328-9677.


  • There are illegal phone apps that try to get your personal information and get access to your EBT benefits. Never give out your EBT card and/or personal identification number (PIN) in any website or smartphone, except your local county website or the EBT Client Website:


  • One scam is tricking smart-phone users into using fake apps that asks for your banking information, ID, password, card number, and/or your PIN. If you are a smart-phone user, DO NOT use apps that ask for personal information.


Recent Internet Scams – PLEASE BEWARE

  • Scams offering a “free government cell phone” or “free gift cards”. They ask for your personal information, card number and/or PIN.


  • New benefit recipients are contacted by a “protection plan” company that says they are part of the state program. They ask for personal information from cardholders, getting enough to steal benefits from the cardholders’ accounts.


  • People who say they are “concerned citizens” posting warnings about EBT card security. They give a telephone number that is close to a real customer service helpline telephone number (maybe one number is different). A cardholder calls the number, and then is asked for personal information, account number, and a PIN.