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Community is built on trust. Trust is built on communication. This is why we at the Riverside County Department of Social Services offers a variety of ways for you to keep up to date with our programs and services!

Here you’ll find the DPSS newsletter, press releases, blogspot, DPSS in the news, compelling videos, regular podcasts and contact information for media inquiries. We want to help our diverse audiences connect to our mission of strengthening communities one life at a time!


BenefitsCal.com is a new and simple way for you to apply for, view, and renew benefits for health coverage, food and cash assistance. BenefitsCal is the first statewide automated site built by and for the people of California. Together, we benefit.


Find unique and uplifting stories about what our employees are doing to support the health, safety, independence, and wellbeing of hundreds of thousands of Riverside County residents.

DPSS in the News

Here you can read any articles in the news about Riverside DPSS.

Press Releases

Here you can read any Press Releases from DPSS Riverside to stay up to date on past and present information.


theServiceStation, a podcast in English and Spanish is a special forum to hear conversations about our programs and services and the complex social issues facing Riverside County residents!

News and Public Information

We are available to help members of the news media who have an inquiry. Our public information team can also assist with requests for community outreach and can be reached below.


Here you can read any articles from the Riverside DPSS blog.


We offer videos that help you access our services and learn how our department can help you.