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Child Care Assistance



Your kids are your priority. While you work to provide for your family, you need to peace of mind that your children are receiving quality care. If your family is receiving cash assistance, you may qualify for CalWORKs Child Care Assistance.

CalWORKs provides child care assistance to families with children under age 13. Help is also available to families with a disabled or special needs child older than 13.

The amount of assistance available is based on a child’s age, type of care, whether a provider is licensed, and the amount of time care is needed.

Families who no longer receive CalWORKs may qualify for additional assistance through programs administered by the Riverside County Office of Education. You can learn more by clicking this link.

    Provider Information

    There are three (3) basic types of child care providers.
    • A relative, friend. or neighbor who agrees to care for only the customer’s child(ren), in addition to his or her own. The license-exempt provider may have to be fingerprinted and cleared by the California Department of Justice.
    • A family home that is licensed by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) Community Care Licensing Division. For more information: click here
    • A commercial center which is licensed by the CDSS Community Care Licensing Division. Usually includes enriched child development programs.

    For more information about child care licensing, contact the Community Care Licensing agency at 951-782-4200.

    Child Care Office Locations

    For benefit information and phone numbers/locations, call 877-410-8827.

    Child Care Frequently Asked Questions

    Who chooses the child care provider?

    A parent or caretaker may choose the provider and type of care that best suits the needs of their child(ren) and family.

    What is a suitable child care provider?

    Licensed centers, family day care homes, friends, family members and neighbors may all be suitable child care providers.

    How do I find a suitable licensed child care provider?

    The toll-free resource and referral phone line (1-800-442-4927) can provide a list of suitable licensed child care providers.

    How do I apply for child care?

    Families receiving CalWORKs should contact their local CalWORKs office and request child care assistance. Those who are not receiving CalWORKs should contact RCOE.

    What do I have to do to make sure my child care provider is paid?

    When a child care provider is approved, the parent/caretaker or the provider must turn in a completed monthly Reimbursement Request. The Reimbursement Request must be signed after the last day of care.

    How do I become a child care provider?

    To obtain information about becoming a licensed provider, contact the local Community Care Licensing agency at 951-782-4200.

    I am a licensed child care provider. How do I let people know about me?

    Contact Resource and Referral at 1-800-442-4927 to be added to the child care provider listing which is given to families upon request.