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‘theServiceStation’ links listeners to resources that strengthen families and individuals

For Immediate Release

June 21, 2021


Media contacts:  

Gene Kennedy, Senior Public Information Specialist

(951) 203-0343, gkennedy@rivco.org

Angela Maria Naso, Public Information Specialist

(951) 660-1925, anaso@rivco.org


‘theServiceStation’ links listeners to resources that strengthen families and individuals

New podcast to air experts on topics from abuse prevention, fostering, to help with food, jobs

RIVERSIDE COUNTY, Ca.—One of California’s largest public social service agencies is launching a podcast to highlight issues impacting Riverside County households and to share information on food, housing, and job assistance in the pandemic recovery.

theServiceStationa podcast in English and Spanish, isavailable now for download on all major platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. The podcast is one of many tools the county’s Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) is using  to connect to its one million customers in a county of 2.5 million residents.

“During the pandemic we joined our community partners from across the county to meet the urgent social and economic needs facing children, families and seniors,” said Sayori Baldwin, assistant county executive officer—Human Services, which includes DPSS.

“We hope theServiceStation will become a destination for listeners of all ages as we continue to connect our communities to services that can improve their health, wellbeing and independence,” Baldwin said.

The monthly podcast will be regularly hosted by Gene Kennedy and Angela Naso with the DPSS public information team. In coming months theServiceStation will add special hosts to lead conversations about issues such as fostering and adoption, and socioeconomic factors contributing to lifelong disparities and solutions to addressing them.

Tune in to theServiceStation now with Marivel Castaneda, from Community Outreach Branch, sharing how to access CalFresh, the state’s largest food assistance program. The CalFresh program in Riverside County serves 200,000 individuals and delivers over $1 billion in annual economic benefits to markets and eateries.

Later this month theServiceStation will feature two fraud and scam prevention experts, Shirley De Santiago and Karina Mariscal, who will offer information about how to keep older adults from being financially exploited and how to recover from any losses related to abuse.

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