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Department of Public Social Services Staff Share the “Why” Behind Their Work

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DATE:           February 28, 2022

CONTACT:   Chelsea Godfrey, Administrative Services Analyst, Cgodfrey@rivco.org
Angela Maria Naso, Public Information Specialist, 951-660-1925, anaso@rivco.org

Department of Public Social Services Staff Share the “Why” Behind Their Work
Workers each year help a million county residents access health and human services

RIVERSIDE COUNTY, Calif. — From eligibility technicians and accountants to analysts and social service providers, the workers who helped one million Riverside County residents obtain health and human services last year are sharing what fuels their passion for public service.

The Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) debuted its new “My Why” campaign during Black History Month in February with posters and messaging from staff popping up in lobbies and on social media. The first phase celebrates the diversity of the department’s 4,300-member workforce and spotlights some employees whose work focuses on eliminating socioeconomic disparities that negatively impact Black, Brown, and tribal communities.

In one “My Why” poster, Senior Analyst Nkoli Nwufo beams a bright smile. In her message, Nwufo shares that she is fulfilling her professional passion at DPSS by working with data to inform policies and practices that lead to better outcomes for children and families.

The campaign will grow in phases for 18 to 24 months. It will publicly showcase employees in a variety of roles that support social service and self-sufficiency programs such as health coverage, employment training, food assistance, childcare, and housing assistance. The campaign will include testimonials from clients who found a path forward through the resources and help they received from DPSS and its partner agencies.

The “My Why” campaign aims to increase community appreciation for social service workers, reduce stigma, celebrate staff, and build awareness about employment opportunities at DPSS, says Sayori Baldwin, director of DPSS and assistant Riverside County executive officer over Human Services.

Next year, DPSS will celebrate its 100th anniversary, helping to sustain Riverside County residents through world wars, global depressions, economic downturns and most recently the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are extremely proud of our staff and their hearts for service, for going the extra mile to improve the health, wellbeing and safety of our communities” Baldwin said. “Sometimes we are asked why we have chosen this work when there are so many competing fields. It’s exciting and gratifying that our staff are stepping up and telling us their ‘why’ for pursuing a life of service.”

Want to learn more? Email us at mywhy@rivco.org.

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